Welcome to A Child 2 Child Peer Massage In Schools

A Child 2 Child Peer Massage is a simple initiative that can be used by children and young people in class, group, club or home.

There are a series of short routines that can be given on the hand or the back or the back and head. The students choose, daily, whether they wish to take part in the massage and if so, the kind of massage they prefer.

This work uses the body’s own responses to address balance and harmony. The good feelings help to keep students calm, positive, focused and motivated.

It is an inclusive, sustainable model that uses the school workforce as the provider.

There are several ways to introduce A Child 2 Child Peer Massage initiatiative into your setting. Please contact us for further details

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NEW !! View Interview with Primary Headteacher talking about Child2Child Peer Massage and it's positive impact.


Interview with parent and pupil:- http://youtu.be/scmbjuqo_1k

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