EVALUATION from Teachers, Parents and Children

Parent of a girl, aged 8 years, with a statement for Asperger’s Syndrome,
"My little girl slept all through the night for the first time in her life. She really enjoyed the massage before she went to sleep and she asked me if we could do it again tonight. I feel as though my daughter and I are now reaching a relationship for the first time in her short life!"
Anne is a senior teacher assistant in a school in Halton:
"I first came across the Peer Massage while visiting a multicultural primary school in Stockport in 2008. I was taken by the calmness and maturity of the pupils and their eagerness to tell me how the peer massage had helped them on a personal level such as peer pressure at playtimes, bullying and lack of confidence during lesson times. All teachers commented on the impact it was having on the children’s learning and how children appeared more settled when the session had finished. This was something I needed to investigate more. I felt that this new Initiative was something that the teaching staff and more importantly the children at my school would benefit from greatly. My local authority had also become aware of the potential of this programme to pupils in the school setting and set about putting together a training programme led by Jean Barlow.

With training completed and a very supportive head teacher, St Michael‘s was about to embark on a new adventure in learning. Each Class was introduced to the programme over a period of some weeks, starting with our YR4‘s then YR5‘s and YR6. Next port of call was our YR3‘s followed by YR2‘s ,Yr 1‘s and lastly Reception. All children responded enthusiastically to all the peer massage. they were introduced to and it was quickly noted by teachers how much calmer and ready for work the children seemed to be. The teachers quickly earned to be excellent practitioners and would deliver the sessions whenever possible, especially during S.A.T.S. week. The purpose of the peer massage in my opinion, was to give each child the benefit of nurturing touch and to enrich their learning process on their school life journey. If used wisely, it could be used to bring the curriculum alive through touch, providing a kinaesthetic yet relaxing approach to lessons. Although faced with some problem areas during it‘s implementation phase, I feel the journey was well worth the effort and I will endeavour to maintain the momentum. I hope in the future that all schools experience the peer massage and I hope to be instrumental in what-ever way I can in assisting this outcome."
Comments from teachers:
"Enjoyed the course: Improved understanding of peer massage: Useful course: Good ideas:
High engagement of delegates: Made everyone feel good about themselves:
Gave delegates confidence: Taught the relevance of peer massage:
Liked the different approach of the trainers: Liked the back routines and the hand routines: The routines are better being shorter: Great Team building: Good Fun!: Thank you!: !"
Comments from the children:
"I concentrate better because I am calm and relaxed."
"It’s made me act gently towards others in the playground."
"Peer massage is nice because it made me relax."
"You know more about how to touch without hurting-so we don’t jump on each -others’ backs anymore."