Trainers Philosophy

When we invest in the positive emotional and mental health of our children and young people we enable them to reach their potential in life- not just academically but socially economically and spiritually!

Staff Motivation

Adopting positive proactive strategies that support attachment and reinforces a "Can Do!" attitude to life, helps make our work with children and young people a joy!


Trainer Profiles

Jean Barlow

Jean Barlow Jean is a highly qualified and experienced teacher and trainer. Jean has worked with many school leadership teams and educational staff to promote social and emotional impetus to improve learning in a variety of settings.

Jean has worked for several local authorities in the North West and has network links with many others throughout the UK. During the latter part of her career she has been invited to take part in conferences, workshops and training that feature nurture, emotional health and well being of children.

Jean strongly believes that the nurturing approach helps children build emotional resilience, promote autonomy and organisational skills, all of which facilitate learning.

Jean offers training opportunities every fourth Saturday in the month for individuals seeking AChild2Child training or other emotional health and well-being training.

More Information about Jean Barlow is available at her website.

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Marian Begolo

Marion Begolo Marian is currently working for Rochdale MBC as a teacher consultant with the Rochdale School Improvement Service to support schools. She leads on the implementation of Therapeutic Inclusion rooms in Rochdale and Pyramid Clubs as well as promoting a number of other strategies and agendas including AChild2Child Peer Massage.

Marian has been a teacher for many years and has taught many "troubled and troublesome" children and recognises the importance of schools developing a menu of interventions to address children‘s wide-ranging needs. For this reason she is an enthusiastic advocate of nurturing and creative therapeutic approaches.

Debs Fawcett

Debs Fawcett Debs has been working over the last 3 years to promote AChild2Child Peer Massage in schools. This has included support to implement Peer Massage as a whole school initiative ensuring the programme takes into account the strategic requirements to ensure the wellbeing of the school, whole staff training, and delivery of the peer massage programme to children and young people.

Debs has incorporated the programme into relaxation sessions and as a way of addressing emotional health and well being.Debs has supported many professionals to incorporate Peer Massage and relaxation skills into group work with a view to creating a safe and calm environment as well as signposting to resources which could enhance your sessions including visualisations, breathing exercises and basic mediation techniques. All of the work she does is linked into relevant school initiatives to ensure the work is part of a whole school approach to emotional health and well being for all.

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Lynn Munro

Lynn-Munro Lynn qualified as an Holistic Therapist in 1998 whilst still pursuing her career as a District Nursing Sister and having completed training in a number of specialities. In 2003 Lynn left the nursing profession to concentrate on developing her business ‘Absolute Energy’, which specialises in Workplace/ Corporate Massage and Health and Wellness at Work.

Lynn has a team of expert therapists whose core activity is to help businesses and organisations to improve productivity and staff morale, decreasing staff turnover and recruitment and training costs. She can deliver a range of specially adapted holistic therapies to suit the workplace ranging from On-site Chair Massage, to Indian Head massage and Reflexology.

Over the last two years Lynn has been very busy delivering the ‘Peer Massage in Schools Programme’ into 80+ Northumberland and Newcastle and Gateshead first and middle schools.

In March 2010 Lynn became a trainer for the Child2Child Peer Massage Programme and has already introduced into one school and trained all the staff to practitioner level. Lynn is passionate about the results and effects that Peer Massage can have on children.

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Jill Norris

Jill currently works for Rochdale MBC as a behaviour development worker to support schools to enhance their capacity to manage pupils’ behaviour and emotional health and well being. Jill moved to the team in 2001 after working as a deputy group manager at a residential special school for children with a diverse range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

One of Jill‘s current responsibilities is to develop, lead and provide training for Rochdale Local Authorities Respectful Touch Programme. The Respectful Touch Programme incorporates AChild2Child Peer Massage and The Team Teach approach.

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Christine Charters-Young

Christine Charters-Young Christine is mum of two who is passionate about using massage therapy and relaxation techniques, having found them to be really effective in helping her family, friends and clients to stay healthy. Christine is the founder of The Healing House, an award winning complementary health practice with a reputation for excellence specialising in;

Working from clinics in Suffolk and Essex she has helped numerous men, women and children and is highly respected throughout East Anglia. A member of both the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and The Federation of Holistic Therapists. Christine is keen to promote Child2Child peer massage in local primary schools as she believes it will complement her children’s yoga and relaxation classes.


Steve Hepworth

Steve Hepworth Steve Hepworth:-Has been a dedicated cycling and fitness coach for the past 20-years, working with all ages.

He is also a sports physiotherapist working with soft tissue injuries within all sporting backgrounds.

He is also a reiki practitioner. In his spare time, Steve enjoys cycling, having competed in several disciplines of the sport, walking and is a keen horseman

Lesley Davidson

Lesley Lesley Davidson has worked with children and young people for over twenty years.

For the past ten years she has been a specialist consultant in the field of anti bullying and emotional health and wellbeing both within educational and employment settings.

She is an nlp master practitioner and also a reiki master. She is a keen amateur equestrian, cycling and running competitor.