Our Services

AChild2Child training can take a variety of pathways:

Whole School One day INSET training: to develop across the school the capacity to run peer massage within the curriculum at the most appropriate time for the school

Leadership training for implementation of Peer Massage for specific identified groups within schools, before and after-school clubs and to be involved in networks across schools with volunteers, governors and parents

Training of trainers for networks of schools, multi-agency, voluntary sector and interested adults who seek to bring AChild2Child peer massage to children through a variety of settings (2 days training + follow up session(s) after the implementation of the work in a setting)


  • Coaching and mentoring in Best Classroom Practices

  • Free standing training to interested groups on request

  • Delivery of conference workshops and key-note speaking

Our Services


  • The work is suitable for:

  • Schools

  • Parents

  • Organised groups

  • Children’s Centres / Nurseries and Early Years Settings

  • Hospices

  • Family Refuge Centres

  • Hospitals and special schools

  • Meetings and discussions around emotional health and well-being of children and young people.